Waterfalls in Kerala

Explore the Unseen Beauty of Nature!

Visible as well-made silver linings on the deluxe green tropical shade from a distance, the waterfalls in Kerala turn into a world of spectacles when approached. Nature seems to saturate the perky streams of Western Ghats and born out of the cherished relationship are the stunning cascades that roll the beats loud to declare their arrival. The land of Kerala has ample of forests, lakes and waterfalls. Waterfalls are the natural scenic beauty and in Kerala and it range from 100 to 200 feet. To add to this is the pleasant climate which makes sure you witness the majestic falls in their full might.  Tourists will find many minor and considerably large waterfalls that are more eminent during the rainy season. You can feel the eternal power while laying out some time at these waterfalls in Kerala. It’s a joy to see the fizzy waters falling down from the rough mountains 

When in God’s own country, you are always in close vicinity to lineups of waterfalls and missing out even one among them may make you regret later. So next time you are in Kerala, find out which of these spectacular beauties you are near to and don’t miss the visit because holidays at Kerala will not be completed without a visit to the spectacular waterfalls.