Rameshwaram is an island of divinity and one of the most visited pilgrimage center! Rameshwaram is situated in the Pamban island separate from the main land. Rameshwaram literally means, “Lord of Rama”. It is believed that Rama, an incarnation of lord Vishnu, prayed to Lord Shiva pleading him to forgive the sins that was done during the war to get back Sita Devi from the custody of the demon King Ravana. This island is in the shape of conch with no high tides.

The Jada Tirtham is next to the Rameshwaram temple. The water from this is considered to be holy. It is believed that this water can bring prosperity and peace into your life. So get hold of it!

The most famous part of this place is the Rameshvaram temple. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Here Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Jyotirlinga which means, “pillar of light”. There are such 12 jyotirligas in the temple. People visit this temple for blessings and eternal peace. So do the offerings for their ancestors here in this shore! It’s a perfect place for the harmony of mind and soul.

Dhanushkodi beach is a clean and serene place to visit. The cozy wind and the long walk by the shore is very refreshing. Also do not forget to collect the sea shells to take back home! This is the end point of India too.

The man who taught the world to dream, A.P.J Abdul Kalam hails from Rameshwaram! Kalam’s house and his burial place is a must watch. His simplicity and modest behavior is even reflected in the house. The home displays his awards and is truly an inspirational sight. We can also pay tribute to this missile man here in Rameshwaram.

Rameshwaram is then famous for the Pamban bridge. It was opened in 1914. It has a double leaf bascule section with a Scherzer rolling type lift span that can be raised to set the large ships. This bridge has always been a fascination for the visitors.

The next place in the list is the Hanuman temple. It is a small shrine with a special idol. It contains some floating stones which is considered to be used by Hanuman and his army to construct the bridge. This would be a marvelous sight to witness.

The Sea World Aquarium displays octopus, lion fish, crab, lobsters, etc. Kit is situated opposite to the Rameshwaram bus stand.

The ruined church of Dhanushkodi just changes the imagine of the town. It’s landscape and ruins remind us something different. It is a wonderful sight.

You can go through the historical life of Vivekanada in the Vivekanada Memorial on the shore of Kundhukal beach. It was build to commemorate the return of Swami after addressing the World Parliament of Religion.

The Villoondi Tirtham is a holy water. This beach consist of a sweet water well which is very surprising for the public. Velloondi means “ buried bow” , it is believed that Rama buried a bow here. There is a small Shiva shrine here. This place is also frequently visited by tourists.

This island has to offer you peace of mind and a wonderful stay admits the sea!