The clouds are calling you to embrace the hills of Munnar! Munnar is one of the best hill station in the Western Ghats with a elevation of 1600 meters above sea level. This enchanting hill station is in the Idukki district of Kerala. The spellbound vegetation and charming climate makes it the favorite holiday detination.

How about a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site? The Eravikulam National park is the home for 26 species of mammals, 132 species of birds and other varied fauna. A walk through the sanctuary can Provide a chance to see the Nilgiri Tahr and some splendid view of the Ghats. It also offers you trekking facility. If you are lucky enough you can spot Nilgiri wood pigeon or Nilgiri pipit.

13 km from Munnar can take you to the highest peak in Western Ghats, the Anamudi peak! It is 2695 meters above the sea level. The word Anamudi literally means, “elephant’s forehead”. Here you can stand above the clouds and enjoy the soothing mountain breeze. It’s a best holiday spot for your family.

The continues tea estate is a wonderful view that you won’t miss in Munnar. This can offer you some good moments in your memory book! You can then move ahead to the Mattupetty dam which was opened in 1953. It is a major hydroelectricity generating dam of Kerala.

The Munnar Tea Museum is 4 km away from Munnar. It consist of an industry and history museum. You can see the production of tea powder and also get aware about it’s historical importance. Don’t forget to get hold of the fresh pack of tea and coffee.

The “Top Station” which is in the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu fulfill all the needs of it’s visitors. It provides a breathtaking sight of the hills and also offers trekking facilities.

The Rose Garden is a place for the nature enthusiasts and flower buddies. It has a wonderful collection of flora. This can satisfy the eyes that search for vibrance!

The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is the home for many endemic flora and fauna. This sanctuary is situated 48 km away from Munnar.

The next great place to capture is the Attukal Waterfalls. The wonderful road drive and the clear water flow is a mesmerizing scene. Then go ahead to the Lock Heart Gap. A romantic hangout site. Enjoy the mist and the company of clouds. Try touching the sky and have super road trip!

CSI Church of Munnar is exotic with it’s glass painted windows and stone building in the gothic style. It was build in 1910 AD . This small church can offer peace of mind and good snaps.

The Blossom Hydel Park is simple and beautiful. Surrounded by thick forest it provides a good boat ride to it’s guests. The flowers and the small aquarium is also a elegant sight. This is an apt location for both young and old.

Kids are going to love the Fun Forest Adventure Park. It has exciting and adventurous games in store. Don’t forget to accept this challenge and enjoy yourself!

These small places can make a grand experience of the hills. Don’t camera and let your mind flow with the clouds! Munnar is all for that.