Nature has blessed this place abundantly with it’s tranquil beauty and charm. Kumarakam is set in the backdrop of Vembanad Lake, the largest lake in Kerala. The air here is in tune with the rhythm of vanchipattu. It is truly a green abode on earth!

The annual boat race during Onam is one of the major attractions of Kumarakam. Various types of boats participate in this, some of them are, Iruttukuthi Vallam, Chundan Vallam, Kochu-odi Vallam, Churulan Vallam. This event is the hard work and dedication of so many rowers. Thousands of people, around the world come here to witness this spectacular moment.

These backwaters and mangrove forest is a home for many endangered species of birds. Situated in the backwaters the bird sanctuary is a resting place for the migratory birds. This 14 acre sanctuary is open from 6am to 6pm. A visit to the sanctuary always be a great opportunity to see rare bird species.

Kumarakam is most famous for it’s houseboats and backwater tourism. A night on water is one thing that all wish for. Imagine of staying in the most traditional and eco-friendly manner! Amazing isn’t it! These Kettuvallams were initially used for the transportation of rice to the Kochi port. But now it is the major tourist attraction.

The Taj Garden Retreat was the first modern resort in Kumarakam. It was constructed in 1881 by Alfred George Baker in the Victorian model of two storied bungalow. This 123 year old bungalow is often referred to as the little jewel. This resort can offer you the best stay!

The nature here is well flourished and clear. This has been an inspiration for many artist to capture those in to the canvas. The Kerala Album Art Gallery has been a location to display these marvelous creations. So do not miss this gallery!

Sree Kumaramangalam Subramanyaswamy Temple is one place to revive your soul. This temple can offers you a calm atmosphere and clear mind. The arathy at 6:30pm is one enchanting sight.

Are you interested in rowing a canoe. Then you are lucky enough to find one in Kumarakam. There are 2 hour canoe trip which are cheap and can offer you a ride through the heart of Kumarakam.

How about visiting a waterfall? The famous Aruvikkuzhi waterfall is just 35 km away from Kumarakom. It is a best picnic spot for families and friends. The huge green trees and the cool atmosphere can strengthen your mind and cool down the complex life.

Have you read the book, “God of small things” by Arundhati Roy? The location and set up of the novel is based on a real place in Kumarakam. It is the Aymanam village. So you get a golden oppurtunity to discover a place which was in your mind.

Like this, Kumarakam has a lot to showcase to it’s visitors. This green abode is also a place with the most loving hosts and delicious food. One can only leave this place by fixing the next trip back to this heaven! It leaves you mesmerized!