The wonder that is India ends up with a beautiful note on it’s southern tip! And it is this unique place named Kanyakumari. This rocky beach is also the merging point . The Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea joins the Indian Ocean here! Kanyakumari is a tourist destination as well as a pilgrimage center. This place is named after the “Devi Kanya Kumari” temple. If you just listen the music of the crowd you can figure out various languages!

Once you are in Kanyakumari your eye will catch hold of the Vivekananda Rock Memorial build on a rock in the sea. It was constructed in 1970 in honour of Goddess Kumari by Swami Vivekananda. This tranquil place on the sea has a perfect meditation hall. Few minutes in this hall can help you calm your swamped mind!

From there again by a boat you can reach to the next monument that is, the Thiruvalluvar Statue. It is 1336 feet high. Thiruvalluvar was a Tamil poet and philosopher. His famous work is “Thirukkural”. This monument was erected in remembrance of his great contribution to the Tamil society.

Do you wish to spend some time with your family or friends in a calm place amidst the waves. Then go ahead to the Kanyakumari beach. With no much crowd this beach, can be the best picnic spot. Listen to the waves, made sand house, play cards, and what not!

The most awaited scene in Kanyakumari is the spectacular sunset. People gather at the sunset point by 5pm onwards. The boiling sun goes down the sea by spreading the vibrant colours into the sky. It’s amazing to see these colours giving way to the stars.

Do not forget to get a look into the Gandhi Memorial. It was constructed in remembrance of Mahatma’s visit to Kanyakumari during 1927 and 1937. It was build in the Orissa style of architecture. It’s construction has got few specialties. On 2nd October the rays of sun falls on the place where Ghandiji’s urn was placed. Also it’s height is 79 feet , build in accordance to the age of Mahatma.

Our Lady of Ransom Church is famous for it’s miracles and is considered to be a holy place. Take a walk to this church to experience the divinity.

The Kanyakumari Wax Museum and the Baywatch Amuzement Park are other attractions. Kids are surely gone to love this place. It offers you excitement and fun in this beautiful bay.

Padamanabhapuram Palace is the remains of the glorious period of Travancore Rulers. This Place is 37 km away from Kanyakumari . It consists of wonderful carpentry works and unique rooms.

It was the former capital city of the Hindu Kingdom of Travancore. The Mantrasala ( King’s council chamber ) , Thai Kottaram ( Queen Mother’s Palace ) , Thekee Kotaram ( Southern Palace ) and the four storied mansion at the center of the complex offers the tourist a visual treat!

Get hold of a tender coconut and walk by the clam beach or step into the crowed market . Kanyakumari has lot to provide it’s visitors. It can be some scenes, some sound, some chants! All come here to float away their burden and start fresh. Why wait? Step out to discover the hidden spirit in you!