Do you wish to capture the raw beauty of Kerala? How about staying in a houseboat? Then turn your wheel to the elegant district, Alappuzha. This place is an abode of peace and joy.

The most attractive thing about Alappuzha is it’s backwater tourism. Large houseboats offer a mesmerizing stay on water. These boats are the new versions of the traditional boats called “Kettuvallam”. These were initially used to transport rice and other substances to Kochi. These boats are made out of natural substances like coir, bamboo, wood of areca nut and coconut even now. Thus it offers you a great experience which one cannot afford to miss!

In your visit never forget to see the “Dwaraka of South” which is the famous Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple. It was build during 15-17 AD. This temple of tranquility is famous for its sweet pudding of rice and milk known as “palpayasam”. It is believed that Guruvayoorappan reaches here daily during the time of its distribution!

Let your hair dance to the gentle breeze from the Alappuzha beach. It consists of an old pier which is extended to the sea. It’s around 150 years old! The beach is famous for the annual festivals like, beach fest, sand art festival etc. The sand art festival is conducted usually during April each year.

Once you are in the beach enjoy its wave and never forget to go up to the lighthouse. This lighthouse was build in 1862. It offers a panoramic view of the beach. Enjoy the rhythm of the sea and grab an icecream. That can make a wonderful evening to cherish!

The International Coir Museum offers a visual treat. It displays to us the history of coir industry amd the method of manufacture. This is also a display of the traditional culture of Kerala.

St. Andrew’s Basilica, Arthunkal was build by the Portuguese during the 16th century. It’s architecture and style offers a divine feel. It is also a place to calm down the complex mind and to take a new start to things!

Alappuzha also offers it’s visitors some thing adventurous and unique. Kayaking through the lake provides a ride through the typical village life of Kerala. These rides are also provide village walks and an opportunity to taste the local food. Tender coconut can keep you refreshed during the ride.

Are you an art lover. Then you have found a best place to satisfy the art lover in you. The Ravi Karunakaran Museum has an international collection of arts and artefacts. It’s worth visiting.

Kathakali is traditional art form of Kerala. Here in Alappuzha you get an opportunity to witness this dance form. The makeup and costume of this art will surely amuse you. So do grab your chance and be a part of the tradition. Alappuzha can also offer you some exotic spa and other treatments.

Do not forget to have a glimpse of the paddy cultivation in Alleppey. The rice bowl of Kerala, “Kuttanad” is situated here! Alleppey has much in store for it’s visitors. It’s natural beauty and charm itself can soothe your heart!