Beaches in Kerala

Let the waves hit your feet and the sand be your seat!

Sharing a 550 km long coastline overlooking the grand Arabian Sea is the majestic posture of Kerala. Being on the coastal front of the country, Kerala is the home to some ravishing beaches. If you want to mislay yourself in the arms of Mother Nature, Kerala is a true paradise. These beaches are distinguished by extended stretches of golden sand, lucid skies, and rows upon rows of swinging palm trees. Easily available accommodation is what we offer at Travelogue Kerala Holidays for exploring this exotic beauty of the nature. A day at these beaches restores the soul. Beaches in Kerala are best known for meditation and Yoga practice. These are the places which lure thousands of people who want to seek solace or want to indulge in some adventurous activities. Unspoiled and immaculate, words fail to describe the scenic beaches of Kerala. Get swept by the dashing river, topple over rapids, dive over the waves and feel the freezing spray on your face, beaches of Kerala will stick to the beautiful recalls of the tourists for a lifetime. The scads of underwater life have earned the attention from underwater divers, snorkelers and adventure enthusiasts. Exhilarating Snowboard surfing in Trivandrum, serene Kayaking at Alappuzha and rafting in the waters of Boothathankettu are some of the adventure activities which tourist usually appreciates on a trip to the seashores of Kerala.

 Whether it is to adore the horizons, the fondness of waters, engaging in the natural explorations or relaxing around, Kerala is the best place to be in. Being blissful by opulent beaches, Kerala makes it tough to leave any beach unexplored.